How to change your Facebook password or reset it

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Your Facebook password is a vital piece of information if you're going to access your social media account on the internet or mobile phone.

You'll want to change your Facebook password if you have a weak password, so there's less risk of someone guessing it, or if you want to regularly swap the password so you can have total account security.

Changing your Facebook password isn't too hard, but the website's User Interface (UI) can be a little cluttered, so sometimes it can be hard to get your head around the menus. So to help you out, we've come up with this guide on how to change your Facebook password and reset it in case you forget.

How to change your Facebook password

When you're on the Facebook website, on the bar at the top of the screen, click the downwards-pointing arrow on the far right. A drop-down menu will appear; select 'Settings and privacy' from this, then 'Settings.'

In this new menu, select 'Security and login,' then scroll down to 'Change password' and click on it.

This menu will open below. You'll need to type in your current password, then your new password, then the new password again (to make sure you entered it right).

Once you've done this, select 'Save Changes,' and your password will be successfully changed. 

How to reset your Facebook password

When logging in to Facebook, if you forget your login information, select 'Forgotten account?' below the entry fields.

The next page will ask you to enter an email address or phone number - enter whatever you used to create your account in the first place. Once you've done this, Facebook will need to send you a code, giving you a list of email accounts and phone numbers linked to your account. Select whichever is easier for you.

The next page will have a text entry field for a code - this code will be texted or emailed to you, depending on your selection. Enter the code here.

Now, you'll be allowed to enter whatever you want the new password to be. Put it in, then click 'Continue.' Facebook will now allow you to log out of your account on all the devices it's logged in to or keep them logged in.

If you've had to reset your password for security reasons, we'd recommend selecting the latter, but if you're just forgotten your password, perhaps you can stay logged in. Either way, make your choice and like 'Continue.' Your password will be changed, and you can use Facebook as usual.

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