Elden Ring Map: complete list of map fragment locations

Elden Ring Map: a tarnished wondering around the world
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The Elden Ring map is huge but when you start your adventure, there won't be too much for you to see. Even the sheer size of the map will be a mystery until you get out there and discover it for yourself. However, that's only one part of uncovering more. Your map will remain a mystery until you go and find Map Fragments in The Lands Between. 

Each region in Elden Ring has one or more Map Fragments that will reveal the topography of the area, unveiling many potential points of interest. There are a couple of ways to find these in the massive open world and luckily most of them are not far from the critical path. 

Here's what you need to know about map fragments and all the places you can find them.

Elden Ring Map

For a small hint, an easy way of locating Map Fragments is to search blank sections of the map for a small orange tower icon that should stand out from a mostly icon-less page. This is the location of an obelisk under which you can find a Map Fragment. Not all regions’ maps are marked, but if you see one you know that’s where to go.

West Limgrave Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing West Limgrave

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The first map fragment you will likely find is for the starting section of Limgrave. If you move north (avoiding the Tree Sentinel boss) from where you start the game, you will pass through the Church of Elleh. Keep moving north and you will find your first obelisk on the path to the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace. 

East Limgrave Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing East Limgrave

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The other Map Fragment for Limgrave can be found in Mistwood. This forest area is found at the easternmost part of Limgrave, taking the south path from the Third Church of Marika. Continue down the main road into the woods and stay clear of bears, especially the big one scratching a tree. The obelisk holding the East Limgrave Map Fragment will be visible from the road you are on. 

Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment

Map Fragment location of Weeping Peninsula

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While this area south of where you start might seem like the southern region of Limgrave, it’s actually its own area. Weeping Peninsula holds a lot of goodies and is very much worth exploring.

You can find the Map Fragment for the area after you cross the Bridge of Sacrifice. Keep following the road south. You will eventually pass a merchant and the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. Keep heading south from here and head through a hole in the rampart wall. The obelisk will be visible just ahead of you.

Siofra River Map Fragment

Map Fragment location of Siofra River

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From Mistwood, you will be able to descend a well into the Siofra River region. To get the map for this massive underground cavern you will need to make your way to the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. From here, you will see a temple. At the base, near the rightmost column, is the Siofra River Map Fragment. 

Liurnia East Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Liurnia East

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This Map Fragment is the first you’ll get in Liurnia of the Lakes. Once you reach the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace, the obelisk with the fragment is just ahead. Be on your guard, though, a group of enemies waits to ambush you from behind the obelisk.

Liurnia North Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Liurnia North

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Whether by working your way straight North to the middle of the lake or taking a path down from the east side of Liurnia, you will find yourself in Academy Gate Town. Go south from the town until you find the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. It should be nearby.

Liurnia West Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Liurnia West

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To access the northwest portion of Liurnia, you will need to keep traveling north past Raya Lucaria Academy. You will find Sorcerer’s Isle to the northwest. 

From here, moving that direction and you'll see a path up onto the mainland. Take the road past an Evergaol and you will arrive at the northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. The Map Fragment is just a short walk to the northeast.

Caelid Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Caelid

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Entering Caelid through the main road via Limgrave will lead you to a forked path. Take the southern route. This road makes a bowl-shape through Caelid, heading south before turning back up north to Selia Town of Sorcery. At the southernmost point of this curve, you will find an obelisk just off the roadside holding the Caelid Map Fragment. 

Dragonbarrow Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Dragonbarrow

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Start at the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace and travel east. There is a ravine separating Caelid and Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, but if you approach it from this direction you should be able to jump across its narrowest gap while riding Torrent.

Here is the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace. From this resting place you should consult your map to see the nearby road that will lead you straight to the Map Fragment. 

Ainsel River Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Ainsel River

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You will find the entrance to Ainsel River in Liurnia, in a domed building near the Eastern Tableland Site of Grace. Proceed forward until you reach a dam with stairs. Run across the dam to find a Site of Grace and, if you turn right before it, a lift that takes you down to the Uhl Palace Ruins. 

Make your way through the ruins to a building with an entryway leading you to another open area. Here, there is a big unreachable enemy slinging meteor shower spells at you. Make your way up to the structure the enemy is perched on. Once you are under it, walk forward to find a room with a merchant and a corpse clutching the Ainsel River Map Fragment.

Lake of Rot Map Fragment

After resting at the first Site of Grace at the Lake of Rot, run forward as far as you can down the shore. There will be a shiny object on a corpse to the right. It's the Lake of Rot Map Fragment.

Altus Plateau Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Altus Plateau

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If you come to the Altus Plateau by way of the Grand Lift of Dectus, you need to follow the road north until it splits. Take the left branch towards the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace. Continue north from the Site and you will find the Map Fragment near a small grouping of trees. 

Leyndell Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Leyndell

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When trying to enter the Western Gate of Ledyndell, you will find heavy opposition. You have some options for how to approach this but either way, you will need to pass a pair of Tree Sentinels guarding the door to the Capital City. 

Once inside there will be a Site of Grace in front of two Golden Seeds underneath a tree. Just beyond that is the obelisk where the Leyndell Map Fragment can be found. 

Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment

Elden Ring Map Fragment showing Mt. Gelmir

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Getting to the top of Mt. Gelmir is a trek. It seems that the Map Fragment is within reach, but you must climb the entire mountain to reach the obelisk marked on your map.

Once you’ve reached the first Volcano Manor Site of Grace, turn around out the front door and head north to the Golden Tree. Look around for an alternate path that takes you down the cliffside. Ride down and the Map Fragment is just under a bridge. Beware of some enemies though. 

Mountaintops of the Giants West Map Fragment

From the Grand Lift of Rold, continue down the northeasterly path that is drawing you into the Mountaintops of the Giants. The obelisk with the Map Fragment will be on your right. 

Mountaintops of the Giants East Map Fragment

From the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace, ride Torrent south through a camp of enemies. You'll encounter a chain-link bridge. Cross the bridge and the East Mountain Tops of the Giants Map Fragment will be on your left.