Destiny 2 Ritual Weapon: How to get the Season of the Risen’s Ritual Shotgun

Image of Destiny 2's seasonal Ritual Weapon Reckless Endangerment
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Each season, a ritual weapon is added to Destiny 2. These weapons are generally pretty powerful, designed to be one of the better options in their type. They are relatively straightforward to get too, meaning that every player has a direct route to a top-tier weapon. 

In Season of the Risen, that's no different. While some might have thought Bungie would miss it with the simultaneous release of The Witch Queen, rejoice. There is a brand new ritual for players to work towards. If you are just starting your Destiny career and are in need of a good shotgun - well, the Reckless Endangerment might just be for you. 

However, you’re here to find out all you can about the gun. So, what is it, how do you get it, and perhaps most importantly, is it any good? Here’s everything you need to know about Season of the Risen’s Reckless Endangerment shotgun.

What is the Season of the Risen Ritual Weapon?

A Guardian holds the seasonal artifact like a spear in font of two other guardians

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In Season of the Risen, the ritual weapon is the Reckless Endangerment kinetic shotgun. For a frame of reference, this is the same archetype as popular options like Riiswalker, Seventh Seraph CQC-12, and the Wastelander M5. 

Reckless Endangerment is a lightweight frame shotgun, which means that you move faster with it equipped, alongside it having great inherent handling. 

The gun is also wildly versatile. It has a whole host of perks to choose from and you can put together some great combinations, depending on what you are playing. It comes with a fixed set of perks, with Perpetual Motion and Steady Hand in the first column. Swashbuckler and Snapshot Sights make up the second column.

Thanks to the new Origin trait system, there’s even more versatility with the gun. It can run Vanguard’s Vindication, One Quiet Moment, and Invader Tracker perks on it. There’s a lot of choice with this one, so make the most of it. 

How do you get the Reckless Endangerment?

Zavala's vending screen with the Reckless Endangerment on the track

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Getting the ritual weapon is straight forward and there are several avenues you can chase. However, if you’ve been focusing on Witch Queen content, which would be entirely understandable, you probably haven’t progressed too much towards it. 

In order to get the gun, you have to advance one of the core activity tracks in the Tower with each respective vendor. That's pretty easy to do: just interact with the activity track you like most. The gun is available at level 16 with Zavalla for Vanguard reputation, Lord Shaxx for Crucible reputation, and The Drifter for Gambit reputation. 

These tracks do not share experience, so if you want to unlock the gun as fast as possible, you'll want to focus on either Crucible, Strikes, or Gambit, not all of them. Also, as a general rule of thumb, the Crucible track will be the fastest if you want to speed through this mission and get back to the new Witch Queen activities.

Is the Ritual Weapon Reckless Endangerment good?

Image of Destiny 2's seasonal Ritual Weapon Reckless Endangerment

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So you’re probably wondering, is it worth the effort to get the shotgun? Well, that depends on if you need a wespon like it. Primarily, this is going to be a PvP focused shotgun. Shotguns currently aren’t very good in PvE, and that goes double for lightweight frames.

So in PvP, while versatile with a lot of options, even at its best configuration which would probably be Perpetual motion, Snapshot Sights, and One Quiet Moment, it’s what we’d call ‘alright’. There are definitely better shotguns out there that have better rolls. 

That being said, a lot of those shotguns can be a pain to get. Plus, the game has plenty of great energy shotguns so having a kinetic option will free up more primaries in that second slot. 

If you are a Crucible fiend, you may well already have the better option. However, if you don’t have a great Riiswalker or CQC-12, this is something well worth picking up. And if you play enough PVP you should unlock it anyway, so you might as well add it to your collection.

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