Weird Pokémon Go bug transforms player into raid boss

Pokemon Go
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Augmented reality monster-catching game Pokémon Go is known for taking its players to strange new places, but one trainer found themselves in an especially bizarre situation. 

For Reddit user ichigodevil, it was a day on Pokémon Go like any other - that is until they seemed to be transformed into a raid encounter by a glitch. 

For those not in the know, raid encounters are boss battles that become available when a powerful boss Pokémon takes over a Gym. Available for a limited time, this usually involves a tough battle where, should you prove victorious, you'll be rewarded with special items and a chance of capturing that Pokémon. 

However, much to the Reddit user's surprise, a raid countdown clock appeared above their character's head. Prompting them to take to Reddit with a screenshot of the event and a declaration to the world: "who wanna square up?"   

Guess i’m a raid from r/pokemongo

Amused Reddit users from across the world flocked to the post. 

"At least you're rated five stars," chimed in one user, while another said, "It's time to catch a PokéGo player."

Reddit user PokeOneKenobi offered a surprisingly dark take: "If you [have] one of the following symptoms: weird countdowns appearing over your [head], the feeling of impending doom, [or] people flocking around you to party up [,] please report to Niantic [for] assistance immediately."

Pokémon Go released back in 2016, garnering attention from fans across the world. Though the monster-catching game has yet to recapture its its peak of 28.5 million daily unique visitors (via Vox), the game still has roughly 11.2 million players, making it a powerful force in the world of mobile gaming (via MMOstats).

When it comes to Pokémon as a whole, competition has arrived in the form of third-person survival game Palworld, which has catchable monsters with a striking resemblance to Pokémon's own roster.

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