Palworld players can finally experience the joys of Pokémon with this realistic 'legally-distinct' mod

A player next to a blue penguin and a green dinosaur
(Image credit: Irastris Kboy GeorgeChief Bleedn)

Palworld has yet another mod, but this one seeks to put the similarities between the open-world survival game and Pokémon to bed for good.

"Welcome to the 'The legally-distinct pocket creatures into Palworld Mod Pack,' which adds your favorite original pocket creatures to Palworld, which is not based on a franchise owned by an Italian plumber," mod creator Irastris Kboy GeorgeChief Bleedn said on the Nexus Mods page

This mod may not be the most adventurous of ones, but it does turn the usually adorable Pals into uncanny "legally distinct" monsters. Just looking at the mod face on, you can see a bright blue penguin, which is supposedly a version of Piplup or Pengullet, and a fluorescent green raptor with a flower on its head, which could be Venasaur or Dinossom. 

Last week, Nexus Mods spoke out against hosting Pokemon-themed Palworld mods. In a statement sent to TechRadar Gaming, Nexus Mods said that “hosting content that adds copyrighted characters or assets into the game is almost certainly going to put us at risk of legal action,” especially “given Palworld's similarity to the Pokémon franchise as a base game.”  

The pack completely overhauls Palworld to include the following:

  • Custom ToastedShoes Character with 'red and white' cap 
  • Adds 'Jar' capture device that replaces Pal Spheres 
  • Changes the Zoe and Grizzbolt boss fight to a 'surprise'
  • Changes Lamball to 'Braided sheep'
  • Changes Cattiva to 'Yellow rat'
  • Changes Chikipi to 'Fat Cock'
  • Changes Hoocrates to 'Educated Owl' 
  • Changes Mamorest to 'Vegetative Turtle' 
  • Changes to Pengullet 'Blue Penguin'
  • Changes to Gumoss to 'Potted Onion'
  • Changes Foxsparks to 'Fire fox'
  • Changes Eikthyrdeer to 'Floral deer'
  • Changes Dinossom tp 'Floral Raptor' 
  • Changes Cremis to custom ToastedShoes pal 

While this mod turns the Pals into variants that are less similar to the Pokémon alternatives, it has been made as a parody of a "certain IP owned by Nintendo." 

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