Victrix Pro BFG for Xbox review - the best high-end Xbox controller

Outclasses the Elite Series 2

Victrix Pro BFG
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TechRadar Verdict

The Victrix Pro BFG is a seriously impressive premium Xbox controller, in both quality and value. Boasting superb build quality and easily swappable modules, it outclasses the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 with its vast and beginner-friendly customizability.


  • +

    Incredible build quality

  • +

    Ingenious modular design

  • +

    Pro-level extras like swappable sticks included


  • -

    Hall effect stick modules sold separately

  • -

    Triggers are quite sensitive by default

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I have a new favorite premium Xbox controller, and its name is the Victrix Pro BFG. While it’s true the PS5 version of the controller has been around for a good while now (and we loved it in our original Victrix Pro BFG review), a version of the gamepad supporting Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles (as well as PC) is now available, too.

Fundamentally, the Xbox version of the Victrix Pro BFG is identical in all but brand-specific iconography. PlayStation shapes have been swapped with Xbox lettering, and the central home button takes the form of that familiar Xbox logo. The Xbox version of the controller keeps up all the winning combinations, but do be aware that the $179.99 / £179.99 / AU$269 price tag holds firm still. Outside of sales events, it’s a staunchly premium purchase, but it’s certainly one of the best Xbox controllers and well worth your hard-earned cash.

Design and features

Victrix Pro BFG

(Image credit: Future)

While the Victrix Pro BFG bears a similar silhouette to that of the standard Xbox Wireless Controller, it certainly looks a lot busier thanks to its front-facing textured grips, larger central buttons and triggers, and those screwed-in modules. However, this isn’t to say the controller is in any way complex or difficult to use.

Included in the box is a miniature screwdriver for use when swapping out those modules. There’s also a set of swappable thumbsticks (two extra here - one with a longer shaft and one shorter), two additional d-pads, and two analog stick gates should you prefer more precise inputs here. Also packaged are a USB-C cable for wired play, a 2.4GHz wireless dongle that works on both Xbox and PC and a carry case.

There’s also a unique fightpad module featuring a six-button layout. This is exceptional for some of the best fighting games like Street Fighter 6 or Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. The other two modules, affixed to the controller by default, assume the familiar Xbox layout. However, you’re free to swap these around if, say, you prefer the symmetrical stick layout found on the DualSense, for example.

From almost top to bottom, the Victrix Pro BFG has a very premium feel. Overall build quality is fantastic, and it rests comfortably in the hands thanks to those front and rear-facing textured grips. And while the stark black finish is quite understated, I’m a big fan of the purple accents and light around the Home button that certainly lends the controller some flair.

Performance and battery life

Victrix Pro BFG

(Image credit: Future)

The Victrix Pro BFG seriously delivers as a premium Xbox controller. The analog sticks feel simply sublime, and you have a good deal of control over them thanks to a tight deadzone. The d-pad and face buttons are similarly responsive, and I was especially impressed with the fightpad module’s mechanical buttons that register with an ever-so-satisfying clickiness.

I will say that by default, the rear triggers are quite sensitive, often registering inputs with just the slightest tap. This can be adjusted with the trigger locks which allow you to customize their travel distance, but it often led to me performing inputs I hadn’t intended just because my fingers rested a little too heavily on them.

Similarly, the Victrix Pro BFG doesn’t feature drift-eliminating Hall effect sticks by default. This may see you run into stick drift if you use the controller frequently enough. However, the gamepad is compatible with Hall effect sticks, and modules for this are sold separately on PDP’s website.

Battery life remains a win for the Xbox version of the Victrix Pro BFG. You’ll get roughly 20 hours on a single charge. While this is practically half of the enormous battery life found with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, it’s still an admirable amount and is more than made up for by the sheer quality of the controller overall.

Should I buy the Victrix Pro BFG for Xbox?

Victrix Pro BFG

(Image credit: Future)

The Victrix Pro BFG is our new favorite premium Xbox controller. The exceptional build quality, paired with intuitive swappable modules and a wealth of Pro-level features make it absolutely essential for players looking for the most robust gamepad experience they can get on Xbox hardware. 

Buy it if...

You prefer a symmetrical stick layout: The Victrix Pro BFG’s swappable modules allow you to really tailor a layout that’s right for you. If you’re more used to PlayStation’s symmetrical stick layout, the Pro BFG allows you to replicate that.

You play fighting games: The included fightpad module makes the Victrix Pro BFG an excellent choice for six-button fighting games like Street Fighter 6 and Killer Instinct.

Don't buy it if...

You’re on a tight budget: While you’ll certainly get your money’s worth here, those on tighter budgets should consider alternatives like the <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">PowerA Fusion Pro 3 or <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">Turtle Beach Recon. 

How we tested the Victrix Pro BFG for Xbox

I spent a week with the Victrix Pro BFG, playing a range of games on both Xbox Series X and PC. I found the fightpad module to be a fantastic option for fighting games on both platforms. It’s especially great for online shooter titles, too, like PUBG Battlegrounds and Halo Infinite thanks to features like remappable buttons and customizable trigger locks.

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