Razer Fujin Pro review - exceptional comfort, exceptionally pricey

A remarkably comfortable chair for gaming and productivity

Razer Fujin Pro
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TechRadar Verdict

The Razer Fujin Pro is an easy gaming chair to recommend thanks to its incredibly high level of comfort and adjustability that allows you to adapt it to both gaming and productivity setups. It doesn’t come cheap, but we reckon it’s well worth the lofty price tag.


  • +

    Extremely comfortable

  • +

    Superb build quality and ergonomics

  • +

    Easy to assemble


  • -

    Limited availability

  • -

    Very basic aesthetics

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Let’s not beat around the bush; the Razer Fujin Pro is one of the best gaming chairs we’ve tested here at TechRadar Gaming. It’s an exceptionally comfortable chair that provides solid back, neck, and lumbar support thanks to its breathable mesh surface and intelligently designed ergonomics. As a result, it’s a chair we can recommend to anyone looking for a one-and-done solution for gaming or productivity that won’t need replacing in a hurry.

Now, the Razer Fujin Pro does bear a four-figure sum for the cost of entry, which will understandably turn buyers on a tighter budget away. But if you’re after a premium chair without spending Herman Miller levels of cash, then the Razer Fujin Pro is certainly the next best thing.

Price and availability

One of the Razer Fujin Pro’s more unfortunate downsides is its general lack of availability. It’s available for purchase in the US for $1,049 directly from Razer’s online store, but the chair currently isn’t purchasable in the UK. 

Razer has told TechRadar Gaming that it’s waiting on certification for its mesh material before it can be sold in the UK. If and when it does, expect a similar price tag (around £999).


Razer Fujin Pro

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We’re off to a flying start with the Razer Fujin Pro, as its initial setup is remarkably easy. The chair’s seat, support, headrest, armrests, and frame slide into place without any frustration or feeling like you need to coerce or jam them into their sockets. Each piece is then locked into place with sets of screws and an Allen key (all included). The box also comes with a pair of sturdy gloves, giving you some extra grip during the assembly process. They also came in handy during these cold winter months. Thanks, Razer.

The Razer Fujin Pro is easy to assemble no matter if you’ve built dozens of gaming chairs before or if this is your first one. It includes a detailed but easy-to-follow instruction sheet that breaks down each step with handy diagrams. Following this, I had the chair fully built before I knew it, in approximately 45 minutes to an hour. You also don’t have to worry if you lose a screw or two under the couch while you build; the Fujin Pro does come with a spare set which is incredibly welcome.

Design and features

Razer Fujin Pro

(Image credit: Future)

Unlike many Razer products, as we see with the brand’s headsets, mice, and keyboards, the Razer Fujin Pro bears a very no-nonsense design. The stark black finish of its frame and mesh along with the gray tone of the wheelbase create a look that feels right at home in both a gaming setup or office environment. 

That may lose some points with you if you were hoping for something a bit more, well, Razer-esque, but the style and build here is sleek, inoffensive, and subtle. Razer has opted for substance over style here, which is certainly the right choice as it’s allowed the brand to focus on what really matters in a gaming chair: comfort and ergonomics.

The Razer Fujin Pro doesn’t come with any ancillary neck or lumbar support cushions, but they’re actually not needed here. The chair’s subtle contours fit nicely around the small of your back, and the headrest’s height and angle can be adjusted to best suit your preferences. 

Other parts of the chair are also fully adjustable, including the armrests which can be slid forward and back (as well as side to side and rotated) via easily accessible buttons on their inner-facing sides. You can adjust the angle of the chair easily via a lock-in switch located under the seat, while another one adjusts the height of the seat. One last module on the back of the chair even lets you tweak with the tension of the lumbar support, making it more firm or flexible depending on what you prefer. 

Overall, the Razer Fujin Pro has a very high level of customizability that may seem overwhelming at first, but it does give you all the tools to form a seating position that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.


Razer Fujin Pro

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The Razer Fujin Pro supports weight of up to 300lbs (roughly 136kg), and a healthy amount of space for the seat, rear, and between the armrests means that it’s comfortable for users of all shapes and sizes.

The chair’s fantastic adjustability and ergonomic design make for a seating experience that’s superbly comfortable. For both work and gaming, I found I didn’t have to adjust the seat at all to maintain that comfort, and it meant I could focus on tasks and longer game sessions painlessly.

Even if you find yourself leaning forward frequently, as I do, the Razer Fujin Pro’s excellent lumbar support meant I wasn’t put in any kind of discomfort. I also never found myself fidgeting or having to readjust the seat over the course of a day; a problem I’ve faced with gaming and desk chairs I’ve owned in the past.

This is largely aided by the chair’s mesh design. It’s an incredibly breathable material that feels much more comfortable and less stuffy than leatherette-based gaming chairs I’ve owned previously. I can see this being a real boon during warmer months.

Should I buy the Razer Fujin Pro?

Razer Fujin Pro

(Image credit: Future)

Overall, I feel the Razer Fujin Pro justifies its high price tag. The sheer level of comfort and customizability it affords means that it’ll be my go-to chair for gaming and productivity for years to come. I recognize that the four-figure price tag will likely put off many, but if you’re more budget-minded and ever spot it going on sale, then this is a chair I can’t recommend enough. 

Buy it if...

You’re serious about ergonomics: The Razer Fujin Pro’s smart mesh material and high level of adjustability make for a chair that’s easy to fit your needs.

You want a chair that’s perfect for both gaming and productivity: With its straightforward, subtle design, the Razer Fujin Pro is ideal for work environments and provides enough comfort for longer gaming sessions.

Don't buy it if...

You’re on a tighter budget: There’s no getting around the fact that this is a very expensive chair. If you’re looking for something with comparable performance for less, consider a cheaper premium chair like the Secretlab Titan Evo series.

How we reviewed the Razer Fujin Pro

I’ve been testing the Razer Fujin Pro for a few weeks now, primarily using it as my PC gaming chair and my everyday work chair too. I ensured to focus on the chair’s strong ergonomic design, frequently adjusting and trying different setups each day. 

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