World of Warcraft's next expansion The War Within is coming in 2024

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World of Warcraft's newest expansion, The War Within, has been announced during Blizzcon 2023's opening ceremony.

The War Within kicks off the multi-part Worldsong Saga, a trilogy of expansions that Blizzard claims will celebrate World of Warcraft's 20th anniversary, which is in 2024. The War Within will be launching next year during those anniversary celebrations and will be the game's tenth expansion.

The War Within will take players into subterranean kingdoms beneath Azeroth itself, coming face to face with the Earthen Dwarves and the Nerubians of Azl-Kahet.

There will be new areas for players to explore too, including Azl-Kahet - that's where those Nerubians will be, I assume - and other places like the Isle of Dorn, The Ringing Deeps, and Hallowfall. 

There's a trailer. There's a giant sword in it. 

There are a few new features to it too. The Earthern Dwarves are an all-new playable allied race, the level-cap is being expanded to 80 and heroes will be able to earn new skills with Hero Talent trees, there's also dynamic flying, which we didn't get to see any of but sounds much more exciting than undynamic flying. 

One of the more exciting things in the brief mention we received of it is the idea of Warbands, which will share your bank and other bonuses with all of your characters, good for people who like to roll up a lot of alts.

 You can pre-order World of Warcraft The War Within now, and there's a beta test coming up at some stage too. If you want more Blizzcon news, mobile game Warcraft Rumble was released at the show, there's a new Overwatch 2 hero you can play this weekend and much more. 

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