Starfield mod fills New Atlantis with Stormtroopers

A Stormtrooper modded into Starfield.
(Image credit: kboykboy via Nexus Mods, Bethesda Softworks)

Modders have already been getting busy in Starfield, rolling out both useful changes, and things that are just a bit of fun. One such fun mod has replaced all of the United Colonies’ guards in New Atlantis with Stormtroopers, which is something I think we can all say we saw coming. 

As PC Gamer reports, the mod comes courtesy of Nexus Mods user kboykboy, and brings an Imperial flair to one of Starfield’s main locations. It’s a work in progress, mind you - at the time of writing, the mod simply replaces the United Colonies’ uniforms with Stormtrooper armor, but the modder promises that they “plan on doing much more in the future”. 

The modder’s current plans include replacing the Freestar Collective’s armor with Star Wars rebel outfits, and swap out “multiple weapons with Star Wars versions”. They said they may do even more in the future, too, so perhaps they’ll get the Stormtrooper guards to start telling citizens to move along? Or, maybe, the Stormtroopers might start accidentally hitting their heads on things. The possibilities are endless.

If you own the PC version of Starfield, you can do far more with mods than just replace the United Colonies’ guards with Stormtroopers. Namely, you can swap out the glow of your flashlight with game director Todd Howard’s face, so he can watch over you on all your space adventures. I’m not quite sure why you’d want to do that, but it’s an option, anyway. 

It’s worth noting that using mods in Starfield blocks the game’s achievements, but there’s a mod to sort that out, too. Thanks to shad0wshayd3 ‘Baka Achievement Enabler’, players can romp around space using mods while also collecting Steam achievements in the process. So, feel free to fill the game with all the Stormtroopers and Todd Howard faces you like.

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