Starfield flashlight mod projects Todd Howard's face so you're never alone in space

Starfield Todd Howard flashlight mod
(Image credit: Bethesda / GeraldMods)

Someone has created a Starfield flashlight mod that projects the face of game director Todd Howard.

Starfield players can head over to Nexus Mods right now and download the alternate flashlight for their game, allowing Todd Howard to be with you wherever you may go during your journey through the galaxy (via Destructoid).

Created by GeraldMods, the mod basically adds an image of the game director on top of the flashlight to project both at the same time because it's "funny," and it's already had over 100 unique downloads. 

It's become a running joke in the Bethesda community to mod images of Todd Howard's face into games, like Skyrim and Fallout, as he is regarded as 'the face of Bethesda'. 

Another mod titled the "Todd Howard painting replacer" was recently uploaded to Nexus Mods and replaces every single painting in the Constellation Lodge with portraits of the director himself. 

It also looks like Starfield's flashlight modding might become 'a thing' because someone else has gone ahead and created one featuring Ryan Gosling from Blade Runner 2049 as well, which you can find here. Less than a week since releasing in early access, Starfield has received a ton of mods - including a rather helpful one that adds DLSS capability to the game - so we can certainly expect a lot more in the future. 

It was recently reported that a prominent modder in the Skyrim and Fallout community was hired by Bethesda to be a "lighting and clutter" artist on Starfield. Emmi Junkkari shared the news on Twitter saying she had to pretend to not know what the game would be like before its release. 

Starfield officially launches on September 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC but is currently available in early access for those who pre-ordered the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition.

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