Vampire Survivors is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch and I cannot wait

Vampire survivors and a castle
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Vampire Survivors is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch in what will be a brilliant move for the game and for the platform.

Fans of the survival indie game Vampire Survivors can rejoice, as it was announced that this gem will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the latest Nintendo Direct live stream

You won't only be able to have all the fun of this hectic and adrenaline-filled vampire title at your fingertips, but now you can share it with friends. Vampire Survivors will also have a new multiplayer couch coop with up to four players. So sit back, scream, and enjoy the show. 

For the same price as a cup of coffee, you can jump into the roguelike world of gothic horror and never-ending enemies. Players can choose their character and select various power-ups throughout the course of a playthrough with the goal of surviving for the full 30 minutes that each round or level lasts. 

While it sounds easy Vampire Survivors is far from it. Quickly you can become swarmed and surrounded by raging enemies that scale with difficulty the longer you stay alive. It's a nail-biting roguelike that'll make you tear your hair out and scream with joy once you've made it all the way. It's clearly a strong contender on our best indie games list.

While originally launched on PC you can now play Vampire Survivors on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and now Nintendo Switch. It's a great addition as this quick-fire roguelike was almost made for the Switch. It's a brilliant way to kill time with a simple enough premise that can be picked up in a heartbeat.  

If Vampire Survivors is your jam then be sure to check out our best Nintendo Switch games list for more hidden gems to play on the go.

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