Tears of the Kingdom’s producer says there are “no plans to release additional content this time”

A Sky Island Guardian in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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Despite its success, Nintendo Switch blockbuster The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom seemingly won’t be receiving any DLC content. That’s according to producer Eiji Aonuma in a new interview with Famitsu. 

In the interview (which was translated from Japanese by Twitter user @Genki_JPN), Aonuma expressed that the team feels they’ve “done all we can do to create play in that world”. However, he noted that there’s a possibility that the developers could return to the same world again if they came up with “new ways to play”. 

“We have no plans to release additional content this time, but that is because we feel like we have done all we can do to create play in that world,” Aonuma said. “This time, the reason we decided to make a sequel to the previous game in the first place was because we thought it would be worth experiencing new ways to play in Hyrule. If such reasons arise then we may return to the same world. Whether it is a sequel or new work, I think it will be a completely new way to play, so I hope you will look forward to it.”

Tears of the Kingdom’s predecessor, Breath of the Wild, received two waves of paid DLC via its Expansion Pass - the first wave was released less than four months after the game’s initial release. 

Breath of the Wild’s DLC added a number of new side quests and shrines to the game, an entirely new dungeon, some fresh outfits for Link to wear, as well as Master Mode (basically, hard mode), not to mention Hyrule’s snazziest form of transport, the Master Cycle Zero. In Tears of the Kingdom, though, it seems Link will be permanently stuck traversing the land on players’ homemade inventions.

Tears of the Kingdom is widely considered to be one of the best Nintendo Switch games. However, plenty more exciting titles are on the horizon, too - you can check them out in our roundup of upcoming Switch games

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