Nintendo has “no idea what the next game style will be” for Mario after Wonder’s launch

Mario in one of the first levels of Super Mario Bros Wonder in the mushroom kingdom
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Ahead of the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the 2D side-scrolling platformer’s producer, Takashi Tezuka, has revealed that there’s no strict plan for future Mario games to follow the same game style as this month’s upcoming release. In fact, Nintendo currently isn’t sure what the style for the mustachioed plumber’s next installments will be at all.

This update came in an interview with Game Informer, in which Tezuka stated: "I believe that we have transitioned from the New Super Mario Bros. series into a new phase, but at this point, we have no idea what the next game style will be.”

Adding onto this, art director Masanobu Sato said: “However, what we do know is that Super Mario Bros. Wonder has set a bigger stage for adventure for Mario and friends.”

Although it’s not out yet, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has already received a number of positive pre-launch previews. In our extended preview, I wrote that “I’ve never played a game that’s made me smile as fast as Super Mario Bros. Wonder", and that “the vibrant, cheery colors, upbeat tunes, and overall sense of (dare I say it) wonder is overwhelming” from the moment you start playing. 

Despite this positivity, some fans may be relieved that Nintendo isn’t certain about adopting a go-to formula for the Mario series going forward, since many argue that the New Super Mario Bros. series, which dominated the mid-2000s and 2010s with six releases (including a Nintendo Switch port of New Super Mario Bros. U) started to feel quite repetitive after a while, even though each title was well received. You can have too much of a good thing, after all. 

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is one of this year’s most hotly anticipated upcoming Nintendo Switch games. If you’re looking for something to play right now on Nintendo’s console, you can find some brilliant recommendations on our list of the best Nintendo Switch games.

Catherine Lewis
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