Xbox's February update features big improvements to control customization for both thumbsticks and remote play

Xbox Wireless Controller
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Xbox's February update is rolling out to players globally, featuring improvements for those who own an Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and, this time, mobile devices.

Detailed in an official Xbox Wire post, February's update leads with a brand new thumbstick calibration tool for the Xbox Wireless Controller. Designed to "address minor thumbstick issues such as inconsistent responses," it looks to be a way for players to remedy controller problems without needing to send it off for repairs.

It should be especially useful to players who have the knowhow to self-repair their controllers. Microsoft does sell official replacement parts via its online store, and the Xbox Wire post states that the thumbstick recalibration tool can be used to ensure replaced modules are working as intended.

For players who like to play away from their TV screens, Xbox remote play just got a pretty huge upgrade, too. The feature now supports customizable touch controls for mobile devices "on more than a hundred games." If you're using the Xbox app on an Android or iOS device, then you're now able to tailor touch controls to your liking.

Improvements have also been made to filtering and sorting in the 'My games & apps' menu. Among your library, you're now able to sort games by accessibility, supported languages and additional technical features. This ties in to the new remote play features, too, as you'll be able to filter titles to search for ones that support customizable touch controls.

Rounding out the February update is a new 'automatic profile sign-out' feature. This will make it much easier for consoles to be played in shared or public spaces like hospitals or universities. As the Xbox Wire post notes: "Some children’s hospitals have programs to provide consoles that can be wheeled into a patient’s room and give them time to play and connect with friends. 

"The new option makes it easier for players’ profiles to be deleted when they sign out, and it removes the need to check if patients have signed out of the consoles when the gaming cart gets moved between patients."

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