Wargaming is offering special game bundles to raise money for Ukraine

WargamingUnited charity scheme
(Image credit: Wargaming)

Developer Wargaming has launched a brand new charity initiative called WargamingUnited with the aim to raise money for Ukraine. 

Amid the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the developer behind World of Tanks has announced its new scheme to raise funds specifically for purchasing new ambulances for Ukrainian medics.

Starting October 18 to November 1, gamers will be able to purchase special Ukraine-themed bundles for World of TanksWorld of Tanks BlitzWorld of Tanks Modern ArmorWorld of WarshipsWorld of Warships: Legends, and World of Warplanes.

Each bundle will have customization elements crafted by Wargaming's artists at its Kyiv studio, depicting the Ukrainian flag colors, yellow and blue, across the respective games.

"Wargaming will donate 100% of the purchase price of each “WargamingUnited” bundle towards Medical Aid via UNITED24, Ukraine's official fundraising platform, to go toward the purchase of Type C ambulances needed to save lives," the studio explained.

For World of Tanks, players will gain the 50TP Resilient, a unique Tier VIII Premium heavy tank, as well as the Resilient camouflage, decals, and inscription that can be equipped and displayed in their game. 

The Spirit of Unity flag, the Ukraine patch, and the Resilient camouflage are available for World of Warships, while World of Tanks Blitz has two bundles on offer, both of which include resources and such unique items as a profile background, camouflage, and an avatar.

For more details on the rest of the bundles, you can head over to the official WargamingUnited website

As of writing over 36,000 bundles have been purchased across each game, although it's unclear how much money this is in total raised for the charity.

Russia's invasion sparked a ton of support for Ukraine within the games industry, with many companies and game development studios raising funds and making donations for those affected.

Last year,  Microsoft and PlayStation halted sales in Russia, while EA put a stop to sales in the country and removed Russian teams from FIFA 22 and NHL 22Amazon Games also stopped the Russian localization of its MMO New World.

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