This one-of-a-kind Hellblade 2 Xbox Series X is the latest in Microsoft's long line of bizarre console giveaways

Hellblade 2 Xbox
(Image credit: Microsoft / Xbox)

This latest special edition Xbox Series X is a Hellblade 2-themed console that - you guessed it - cannot be bought. Instead, you'll need to try your luck in Xbox's sweepstakes for the console that might just be one of its most bizarre designs yet.

Announced via Xbox's official X / Twitter account, this unique Xbox Series X console comes right at the launch of Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. And as ever for these sweepstakes, the design team has gone a little wild with it. The shell of the console itself is patterned with a suitably Icelandic backdrop, while the included Xbox Wireless Controller takes on a brown, rustic look, which is a pretty nice design overall.

However, looking at the image in the post, your eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the massive totem accompanying the console. It looks to stand roughly twice as high as the console itself, so whoever the lucky winner is, I hope that they have an easy time fitting it in their gaming setup.

Entering the sweepstakes yourself is the same as it's always been with these Xbox giveaways. You'll just need to follow the Xbox X / Twitter account and retweet with the highlighted hashtag. You'll have until June 17 to enter, and it's open to residents of all countries where Xbox online services are supported.

While this is easily one of the most bizarre console designs we've seen to come from these sweepstakes yet, there's some we're not quite sure it's topped. Whether that be the garishly pink Barbie Xbox Series S or the Wonka-themed Xbox Series X, there have been plenty of questionable designs exclusive to these giveaways. That one Fallout Xbox Series X was pretty cool, though.

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