The next League of Legends champion is an artist with 10 spells

League of Legends artworking showing new champion Hwei
(Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games has revealed its next League of Legends champion and he's a brooding artist with a unique skill set.

During the annual League of Legends Worlds tournament held this weekend (November 19), the developer shared the first look at the MOBA's latest champion - Hwei, the Visionary (via Polygon).

Hwei is described as a young Ionian artist who uses his skills with a brush to execute numerous abilities, essentially making him a mage. 

The sad-looking painter isn't your usual champion with the typical QWER button moves and passive abilities. What's unique about Hwei is that on top of his ultimate R ability and passive, his Q, W, and E buttons open up different spell books, each containing three spells meaning he has 10 spells at his disposal. 

Hwei's kit looks a little overwhelming due to his complicated stack of abilities. His output focuses on damaging enemies by marking them for a few seconds and hitting them again with results in an explosion underneath them and dealing magic damage to those in range.

League of Legends Hwei's ability cheatsheet

(Image credit: Riot Games)

For the Q, W, and E lineup, each spellbook contains respective QWE skills, all with their own specialty. For instance, his Q is damage-based, while his W is generally more supportive, and his E - aka "Torment" - grants vision to allies and disrupts enemies.

The mage's ultimate ability is called "Spiraling Despair" and allows the player to launch magic, overwhelming any enemy it touches, while also dealing damage per second. Enemies will also be inflicted with stacks of Despair over time, applying a stacking slow effect. When completed, the spell shatters and deals a final burst of magic damage.

The full breakdown of Hwei's kit can be found on the official website. There's no release date for Hwei just yet, but we can expect him, along with new seasonal changes, to arrive with patch 13.24 sometime in early 2024.

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