The Finals is getting its first limited-time game mode today, but you’ll have to say goodbye to your team

A character holding a gun in The Finals.
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Embark Studios’ fast-paced first-person shooter, The Finals, is getting its first major Season One update later today (January 17), 1.5.0, which will also include the game’s first limited time mode. 

The mode in question is called Solo Bank It, which, as the name suggests, is a solo version of the existing Bank It mode. Usually, Bank It sees four trios duking it out with the aim of grabbing and depositing as much cash as they can from across the map, taking out enemy players to steal the coins they're holding. 

In Solo Bank It, players will wave goodbye to their loyal trios and instead take on 11 enemy players, who are also operating alone. All in all, it sounds like it could be a great time for those who don’t already have an established team of people to play with, especially if you're someone who doesn't enjoy coordinating your strategy with other players. But, again, it’s not going to be sticking around forever. At the time of writing, Embark Studios hasn’t clarified how long the mode will be available for, but you can take a look at the teaser below. 

Otherwise, Embark has also teased that the update will include further balance changes, bug fixes, an expanded store and “better security.” The developer first mentioned this security update last week, at which point it was described as “a major security fix.” At the time of writing, it's not known what will be changed, however.

Last week, The Finals made some nerfs to controller aim assist, and also squashed a bug so that aim assist now ignores invisible players. If your experience playing with a controller has felt different since last Thursday, that’ll be why. 

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