Starfield players can't shoot thanks to a holdover bug from Fallout 4

An astronaut in a Starfield Unreal Engine 5 demo
(Image credit: Pasquale Scionti)

Starfield players are encountering yet another bug, but this time, it could be the death of you. 

Several players have discovered an unfortunate bug in Starfield that prevents some from firing a gun even after squeezing the trigger. It's a shame that this has reared its ugly head again, especially as this problem was present in Fallout 4 eight years ago. Some fans were hopeful for a bug-free launch, but this seems too much to ask for when it comes to even basic functions in Bethesda Softworks' space RPG. 

Strong_Leopard_4511 on Reddit was unfortunately hit with this bug while fighting off space pirates. In a matter of seconds, they found that their gun was all but useless as they were forced to finish the fight solely with an axe. While many in the replies simply lamented that this was, in fact, a shared problem, there were a few with some solutions. 

Astrus_Eminus claims to have found a solution involving going to a face change shop. Here, players must "enhance" their character by using the customization screen to finish the character creation. This simple process will apparently fix the bug and allow guns to work again immediately. 

You can also simply change your sex using a console command to dislodge whatever is blocking your Starfield character from correctly firing a gun. Unfortunately, while this solved the mystery of the non-firing weapon, it also disabled Steam Achievements. 

However, not all bugs are bad in Starfield, especially not the one that lets you steal one of the best spacesuits in the game. This was, unfortunately, only present in the early access version of the game, so it isn't up for grabs now. That being said, who's to say there aren't more creative and strange bugs to be discovered in the depths of Starfield?

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