Rocket League welcomes Lightning McQueen with its latest Cars crossover

Rocket League artwork showing Lightning McQueen
(Image credit: Psyonix Team)

Psyonix has announced that Disney's Cars is coming to the Rocket League for the game's latest collaboration. 

Starting today (November 7) players will be able to purchase the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle which comes with a car based on the character Lightning McQueen, a special Ka-chow Goal Explosion, as well as three race-ready Decals to switch between.

These variations of the character include the classic red Rust-eze decal, with the number 95 on the side and a yellow lightning bolt, the Cruisin' Decal, and the Dinoco Blue. Each Decal also comes with its own unique tracks to match, like the red Lightyear Racing Wheels and the blue Lightyear Dinoco Wheels, as well as the Lightyear Whitewall Wheels for a more classic look.

There are plenty of cosmetics in the bundle, but alongside the Ka-chow animation, 'Life Is A Highway' by Rascal Flatts - which was featured in the 2006 movie - will also play as a Player Anthem to celebrate a scored goal.

According to the developer, Lightning McQueen's inclusion in Rocket League marks the very first time that the game has featured dynamic expressions. Psyonix said: "Lightning will look around the pitch while you cruise the Arena, then narrow his eyes in focus as you approach supersonic speeds."

You'll be able to get the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle for 2500 credits in the in-game store, which is roughly $20 (£15) depending on which credit pack you buy.

Last month it was reported that Rocket League would be ending its player-to-player item trading in December, which caused fans to urge Epic Games to reconsider the move. 

The publisher shared a blog post explaining that it is "making this change to align with Epic’s overall approach to game cosmetics and item shop policies, where items aren’t tradable, transferrable, or sellable."

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