Payday 3 devs have put together 'a strike team of veteran developers' to help save the game

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Payday 3's developer has reached out to fans in a lengthy social media post claiming that it is working towards some significant changes in the not-so-distant future. 

Payday 3 didn't sit well with many players as many saw it as not a big enough jump forward from previous games. In our review, we noticed how the heist game was light on content and that the beefed-up stealth sections made some heists too easy. 

Starbreeze Studios, the developers behind Payday 3, outlined a plan for the coming months on Twitter. "This team is currently creating a plan, deciding what will shape the game into the heisting experience you expect from a Payday sequel in both the short & long term. 

"We want to be careful not to simply react and deal with any possible improvements one by one with the care, thought, and planning they deserve. In February, we will communicate a plan detailing the upcoming improvements and when you can expect to see them in the game."

If you have some ideas that you think are worth bringing up, then Starbreeze encourages players to speak up and suggest possible ways to improve the heist game. Players who want to contribute can do so at the FeatureUpvote page, which Starbreeze promises will be looked at by "a strike team of veteran developers from the design, community, communication, and production teams with the focus on bringing Payday 3 up to where it will meet your expectations."

For more details concerning Starbreeze's commitment to improving the multiplayer heist game, check out this blog post, which outlines the main plan of attack for the coming months in more detail.

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