Lies of P's latest update fixes a bug that makes the secret final boss way more challenging than it should be

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A new update for Lies of P has been rolled out, which has deployed a number of fixes and improvements along with the distribution of the free Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty collaboration items. Perhaps most notably, it’s fixed a bug that had the potential to make the secret final boss way harder than it should be.

In case you missed it, all players can now receive a Wo Long-themed weapon - the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive - as well the Armor of the Honorable and Bandana of the Honorable. It’s a really neat crossover between the two soulslikes, and the fact that it’s totally free makes it an incredible extra bonus for any fans of the two games. 

As for the rest of the update, notably, players will now be able to reset their P-Organ (skill tree) when they start a new game without having to spend any valuable Gold Coin Fruit to do so. This should enable players to experiment with new builds without having to foot an extra in-game cost.

Otherwise, a couple of bugs related to the Proof of Humanity special weapon (which can be obtained after defeating the secret final boss) have been ironed out. One of these previously saw the weapon “cause intermittent malfunctions in switching weapons,” while the other saw attribute effects from grinders (used to imbue weapons with elemental damage) be ineffective after using the weapon’s special attack.

Before we get into the main secret final boss fix, here’s a minor spoiler warning if you don’t want to know the name of the foe. 

From now on, Nameless Puppet - the notoriously difficult and speedy foe you can potentially fight right at the end of the game - can no longer “intermittently disappear” during your battle. It’s not clear how common this issue was, but needless to say, it’s a difficult enough fight as it is, so contending with the potential of it vanishing from the arena is the last thing anyone would want to face. 

A few other changes have been made too, including a fix to an issue where the players could fall into “an impassable area,” and some typos (along with a broader improvement to the Japanese translation). You can check out the full list on the patch notes shared on Steam.

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