Gears of War: E-Day will follow the characters 'every minute' of the Locust invasion

Gears of War: E-Day
(Image credit: The Coalition)

The Coalition has confirmed that Gears of War: E-Day will take place over multiple days during the Locust Horde invasion.

This comes from a recent interview with GamesRadar during Summer Game Fest 2024, where Gears of War creative director Matt Searcy clarified the playable timeline for the studio's next mainline game.

"It's not a day, it's multiple days," Searcy said. "But it is about the event, like it's about sticking with these characters from the moment, you know, setting up the moment it happens, and being with them every minute, through the days that play out of the city and really experiencing it through their eyes, both what's happening to them, and also what's happening to the city around them, the people around them, the other characters."

When the game was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, it was revealed that E-Day will be a prequel to the mainline games and be set 14 years before the events of the original. 

Players will also see the return of the series’ original heroes, Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago, as they explore their story during the start of the Locust Horde invasion.

Elsewhere, Searcy confirmed that The Coalition is returning to its series' horror roots with its next game, saying, "we looked back at what people felt like when they played Gears of War or any of the Gears - Gears 4 included. But when people tell you what they remember playing, the things that stood out to them, the feelings, a lot of it is about these, kind of dark, almost horror-esque, scary moments."

The creative director explained that the team took this vision and said: "That's the game we're going to build."

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