Destiny 2 players who were accidentally banned will be compensated with $45 of in-game currency

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
(Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie has apologized for mistakenly banning some Destiny 2 players and will compensate those affected by giving away premium in-game currency.

As reported by The Verge's senior editor Tom Warren on Twitter, Bungie has seemingly reached out to a number of players recently to inform them of a mistake made on their part (via Kotaku).

According to the developer, some players of the FPS shooter have been incorrectly banned for cheating, but will soon have their accounts reinstated, allowing them access to Destiny 2 once again. To make up for the mistake, they'll also receive 5,000 Silver, which is worth around $45, to spend in the game. For reference, in the UK, the 5,000 + 1,000 bonus Silver pack costs £39.99. 

"Your Destiny 2 account has been unbanned effective immediately, and within a week we will grant you 5,000 Silver to use in the Eververse," an email supplied to Warren from a player reads. "We sincerely apologize for what must have been a frustrating experience. 

"Along with a small number of other players, your account was inadvertently flagged as having tampered with game client functionality.

"While the overwhelming majority of these detections are accurate, we discovered that in extremely rare cases this detection may be triggered through no fault of the player. This error was determined as part of our auditing process and we acted as quickly as possible to validate the issue and rescind the small number of inadvertent flags."

Bungie didn't offer an explanation to players as to why they were mistakenly banned in the email, but it later told Kotaku that the issue was isolated to "a small number of accounts being inadvertently flagged during a recent ban wave" and has now been resolved.

"This issue was isolated to this specific ban wave, and we have made changes to our review process to ensure this issue is not repeated. Impacted players have been notified, accounts restored, and make-goods provided," the developer said. 

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