Dead by Daylight's next chapter has been revealed and its new killer is pure nightmare fuel

Dead by Daylight
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour Interactive has revealed Dead by Daylight's next chapter, All Things Wicked

Set to launch on March 12, the All Things Wicked content update will "take players to a place with more questions than answers" and will introduce the brand-new Greenville Square map where a string of disappearances have plagued the town for decades. 

The map is reminiscent of an 80s horror movie and will give players access to the town square, the local cinema, an arcade, and a theater room, and they'll be able to explore as the newest playable survivor Sable Ward. 

Sable doesn't only look interesting, she also comes with a series of unique perks, including Strength in Shadows, Wicked, and Invocation: Weaving Spiders, the latter of which lets the player cast a sort of spell that increases the speed of other survivors by 50/50/50% each. 

If party members have the same perk equipped, the speed will be increased by 100/100/100% instead. However, once Invocation is cast, the player becomes injured and "Broken" for the rest of the match, all Generators will instantly gain 9/12/15 charges, and completing it will disable that Perk for all survivors.

With every major Dead by Daylight chapter also comes a killer, and this one is as disturbing as they get. Named 'The Unknown,' this monstrosity can scuttle along the floor and its main power allows it to launch a bouncing projectile called UVX that creates a blast area upon impact. Players will become hindered if they come into contact with it while airborne and weakened if they touch the blast area.

The Unknown's special ability is 'Hallucinations' that can be used to confuse survivors and it can also execute 'Teleport' to travel to 'Hallucinations', leaving behind a temporary decoy.

Although All Things Wicked doesn't release until next month, players on Steam can access the limited-time playable test build (PTB). Update 7.6.0 PTB is now live and you can read the full patch notes here for all the juicy details.

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