Dead By Daylight's latest trailer shows us that Alan Wake is pretty handy with a flashlight

Alan Wake pointing a flashlight at a killer
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

It's out of the frying pan and into the fire for the horror game survivor Alan Wake as he enters Dead by Daylight's fog.

The crime noir writer will be the latest survivor to be added to the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. This news follows the release of the critically-acclaimed Alan Wake 2 last year. Fans will be able to play as the famous writer on January 30, but until then, let's look at everything Wake will be able to pull off while lost in the fog.

A new Spotlight trailer has revealed everything players will be able to do as Alan Wake with the help of his character perks. First up is Champion of Light; this perk allows Wake to move quicker while handling a flashlight; players will also have the chance to stun killers if you point the flashlight at them at just the right time. This act will hopefully buy you enough time to escape certain death. 

There is also Boon: Illumination for players to use to their advantage. "As a writer conjures plot lines from thins air, so to can he conjure a boon totem," the trailer explains. The boon totems will give Wake the power to see generators and chests through walls. You will also be able to cleanse or bless other totems with greater speed while Wake's boon totem is active. 

Finally, players can use Deadline, a perk that will give Wake the chance to do his job at greater speed. When healing a fellow fallen survivor or fixing generators, skill checks will appear at a higher frequency. While this won't guarantee that players will be able to get the job done faster, as skill checks will still need to be successful, it does give them a fair shot. 

It looks like Alan Wake is going to be an interesting addition to Dead by Daylight, as his Taken-killing expertise will be put to good use; let's just hope that his doppelganger Mr. Scratch doesn't make an unwelcome appearance. 

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