Celeste is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a free 3D platformer

best indie games: Celeste mid-jump in a frosty cabe filled with spikes
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Indie platform game Celeste is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, and a 3D platformer has been released to mark the occasion. Called Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain, the game is entirely free to play on itch.io and allows players to relive the magic of the adventure with Madeline in a short but sweet adventure. 

According to the itch.io page, the Extremely Ok Games team created Fragments of the Mountain in a week or so. But, despite its short turnaround, there's still a lot to work your way through in this reimagining of one of the best indie games; such as bonus levels and post-game dialogue which alludes to a sequel. 

This isn't the first time Celeste has been reimagined though. In 2015, a version of Celeste was reimagined for Pico-8 virtual console and is available to play online. However, Fragments of the Mountain does mark the first 3D rendition of the game. The full announcement Tweet can be seen below.

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Currently, Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain is only available via itch.io, so, if you're an avid console player, you may not be able to see what the newest rendition offers. It seems like there are no plans for this free platformer to be ported to consoles either, so it might just be a case of sitting this one out. 

With that said, if you are looking to play through Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain, a controller is advised over the use of a mouse and keyboard. With Celeste being renowned for its challenging level design, it's probably best to play as the team suggests to prevent any potential frustrations.

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