A new Pokémon chair has been revealed, finally letting you unwind on a giant insect

A Pokemon themed chair from Cellutane.
(Image credit: Cellutane)

A hefty piece of official Pokémon merchandise has been revealed in the form of a new reclining chair from the Japanese furniture company Cellutane, and the design is certainly eye-catching to say the least.

The seat is themed around the Pokémon Sizzlipede, a fiery insect-like creature with an almost alarming number of legs. It looks like an absolutely massive version of the Pokémon ripped straight from the game which seems perfect not just for fans of the series but anyone who wants to experience what it's like to relax on top of a giant insect.

Featuring a reclining back, it can be used in either an upright or flat position, which seems impressively versatile given the super sleek look of the product. The company suggests that the chair could even be used for sleeping while it's flat, which sounds like an adorable way to get some rest. 

In its upright setting, the back measures 91cm with a 90cm seat, according to the manufacturer’s website. However, this becomes an impressive 181cm when pushed down flat, which should take up a fair amount of space on the floor of most living rooms. For those curious, the chair measures a spacious 68cm across in either position.

The chair will cost you, though, with a current asking price of ¥14,990, roughly $101 / £81. Although this isn’t particularly expensive for a large item of furniture, shoppers in the UK and the US who attempt to import it are likely to run up huge shipping costs thanks to its size.

This is also not the first piece of Pokémon furniture from Cellutane. The company currently sells a range of cute armchairs based on popular Pokémon like Snorlax and Ditto. They also sell small Ottoman stools based on the design of the Poké Ball, meaning that, in theory, a truly dedicated fan could now deck out their whole house with Pokémon themed seating.

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