Have your passwords at your fingertips with this seriously affordable service

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Having to juggle hundreds of different passwords for your various online accounts means you're bound to forget a few, which can be a real pain. Thankfully, password managers offer an easy route to both securing your details and ensuring they remain accessible on any device.

Take Keeper Security, for example, which not only provides you with a secure place for all your passwords and files, but also offers additional features that let you generate strong passwords, store payment information and more.

Exclusively for readers of TechRadar Pro, Keeper is currently offering a 30% discount on its two most popular plans: Unlimited and Family.

For a limited time, you can subscribe to the Keeper Unlimited Plan for just $24.49/£20.99 per year (down from $34.99) and enjoy unlimited password storage, password autofill and access on all your devices.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Keeper Family Plan for $52.49/£50.39 per year (down from $74.99), which includes everything available with the previous plan, but also includes 10GB cloud storage and can be used by up to five people.

Keeper Unlimited Plan:$34.99Save 30%

Keeper Unlimited Plan: $34.99 $24.49/year| 1 user
Save 30% - The perfect plan for a single user, with features including unlimited password storage, strong password generation, autofill, biometric login and more.

Keeper Family Plan: $74.99Save 30%
Best password mana...

Keeper Family Plan: $74.99 $52.49/year  | 5 users
Save 30% - Up to five users get all the awesome features of the Unlimited plan, plus a personal private vault for sensitive files.

Why is this a great deal?

This trusted password manager makes securing your online accounts more convenient by keeping all your passwords in one place. It also lets you create strong and unique passwords for new sites, which will shield you from credential stuffing attacks in the event your details are exposed in a breach.

Further, biometric logic facilities (both facial recognition and fingerprint) give you an additional layer of protection that not all password managers can provide.

Keeper also offers a number of add-ons that further enhance the service. BreachWatch, for example, automatically alerts you if any of your passwords have been exposed in a cyber incident, while KeeperChat allows you to send end-to-end encrypted messages to your contacts.

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