John Kitchingman

John Kitchingman

John Kitchingman, Managing Director, EuroNorth, Dassault Systèmes.

He loves  challenges, overcoming the difficult situations, grasping the opportunity or problem that needs addressing and most important helping  teams, clients and partners to define and deliver a great outcome.

Passionate advocate of creating the right environment that can empower people, to give people new experiences and support to reach their full potential, be the best they can be and replicate success.

Often that is through defining and executing strategies, plans and initiatives that create the right culture and other times it might be addressing an opportunity or problem that needs addressing, unafraid of grasping the nettle.

He sees his role as driving innovation and business eminence backed up by solid disciplines around marketing, sales, delivery excellence, process and change. His focus is in creating frameworks and environment to enable us to reach goals.

Outside his work, he is proud to Chair the West Midlands Development Board for Marie Curie, a very special group of people who care implicitly about end of life cancer care. 

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