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Babblestick review

A portable way to take your VoIP with you

Our Verdict

Cheap, simple VoIP with a strong service.


  • Auto-runs at any computer


  • Gives you no excuse not to stay in contact

We've been wholeheartedly impressed by the rise of VoIP, and products such as the Babblestick do nothing to shake our faith.

Providing ludicrously cheap international calls (plus 30 free minutes every day to several international locations for the first three months) this is a fantastic way to keep in touch with far-flung chums.

Texts are 5p and UK calls are all at the local rate of 1p per minute but, because the stick auto-runs at any computer, this applies when you're in some grotty internet cafe in Tijuana as well. Frequent travellers or those with lots of relatives abroad will find this very useful indeed.