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PNY GeForce 8600GTS review

Mega for movies. Not so great for games

This 8600GTS comes with Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Our Verdict

Scores highly for value for money, but we can't see the point in buying a stock 8600GTS


  • Cheap for an 8600GTS


  • Cheaper rivals perform better

It's really not PNY's fault, but unfortunately it has the dubious honour of being an un-boosted 8600GTS.

Against other cards of a similar ilk it is eminently comparable: in other words, it's not pricey for a GeForce 8600GTS, nor will the inclusion of Splinter Cell: Double Agent lose it any points.

The trouble is, we can't help but conclude that if you're going to buy a stock speed 8600GTS right now... you've probably been lobotomised. On the plus side, strong Oblivion performance over any DX9 cards is promising for future shader-heavy titles.

On the downside, Oblivion still isn't smooth on a 22-inch screen and it gets its ass kicked in every other test by cards that are £50 or more cheaper. Need we say any more? We think not...