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Enermax Galaxy 1,000W PSU review

A powerful PSU for peace of mind

Our Verdict

Overkill for a purely gaming machine, but for large servers the Galaxy ensures catastrophic disk failure caused by lack of wattage is unlikely


  • warning beep codes guard against overload

    plenty of cables and connectors

    strong protection against power failure


  • difficult to carry

    overkill for most PC users

The Galaxy is the first PSU we've seen that reaches the 1,000W barrier, but is also the first to use a form factor 50 per cent larger than standard, making fitting it into a small case a tricky business with the added size and weight.

The modular internal panel offers five 12V power rails, a 13.5cm fan, and even a dedicated memory power cable. No expense has been spared with this PSU: there are plenty of cables and connectors; warning beep codes can highlight problems with your system should the PSU become overloaded; and an alarm and protection circuit will prevent damage to components.

Generally, power requirements are on the rise, but our PCs aren't so demanding as to make one of these a necessity just yet. Even the GeForce 8800 GTX in SLI with a quad-core chip will leave you with headroom.

For a purely gaming machine a £279 PSU is overkill, but for servers using a dozen or more physical disks, the Galaxy gives you peace of mind that catastrophic disk failure caused by lack of wattage is unlikely to happen.