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X20 Performance PC Watercooling Kit review

Water cool your PC in style

Our Verdict

Not a bad water-cooling kit for first timers, not the best though


  • Looks very cool with its UV lighting


  • Takes a while to install

    Other water systems are better

You really can't beat setting up a water-cooling kit for that Doc Brown feeling of kerrrazy scientific endeavour. Especially when that kit comes with water colouring and UV-reactive dye. XSPC's setup comes in myriad pieces but is relatively simple to put together. Even so, we reckon you'll have to set aside a good few hours in order to get it up and running.

Our problem with most smaller cooling kits is the amount of space they take up in-case, limiting the airflow around vital components other than the CPU. The X20 reservoir, however, can be easily mounted outside the case, leaving your PC's insides mercifully clear. And while it won't cool like a hardcore fatboy such as the Zalman Reserator, its universal mounting bracket means it's suitable for any CPU.

Once you've got the motherboard ripped out and the mounting back brace installed, the rest of the kit install is plain sailing. If you could install it without messing with the mobo it'd be a real winner, but as it is you can get some basic cooling with fairly minimal effort. This is a solid kit that will keeps the inside of your case free and clear. PC Format Staff