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Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer review

Strong-arming PC components into a mid-range gaming case

Our Verdict

An extremely good case for the price, easy to install on the whole, with a few compromises made for its small size


  • Good cooling system and options
  • Room to install components
  • Tidy cable management
  • Anti-vibration rubber to quieten
  • Low price


  • Small size tricky for large graphics cards
  • No external fan control

The Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer aims to offer an excellent chassis for building your own sturdy, well designed and good looking gaming PC.

Cooler Master is a well-respected brand in the PC chassis market and its specialist gaming brand, CM Storm, is gaining new converts by the day, thanks to high build quality and products aimed at gamers and PC enthusiasts.

The Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer continues this trend, going head-to-head with other low priced mid-towers, such as the NZXT H2 and the Antec Dark Fleet DF-35.

And is a solidly built mid-tower designed to house the latest and most powerful tech around.

If you're putting down serious money on graphics cards, motherboards and other top-of-the-range components then you don't want to stick them in a cheap and tacky case. You want something that will show off the quality of your PC.

That doesn't mean you should spend money you don't have to on features you don't need, however. This is where value mid-towers such as the Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer come in.