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Acronis Cyber Protect review

Get comprehensive, disaster-proof protection with Acronis Cyber Protect

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TechRadar Verdict

For big businesses with a serious amount of data exposure, Acronis Cyber Protect covers just about everything you could think of – phones, laptops, cloud accounts and more. It's a top-tier suite of backup solutions that will serve you well, if you're able to afford it.


  • +

    Detailed central web console

  • +

    Covers cloud accounts and local machines

  • +

    Proactive security protection


  • -

    Software isn't the easiest to use

  • -

    On the expensive side

  • -

    Probably overkill for most people

Acronis Cyber Protect (opens in new tab) is one of various backup offerings that Acronis provides, though they're not all that easy to separate – you can get both bigger and smaller packages from Acronis if you need something that's tailored a little differently, and the company has just about all the various bases covered.

Cyber Backup can work with both local backups and cloud backup, giving you protection for local machines and smartphones as well as the key accounts your business might run on the web – G Suite, Microsoft 365, virtual hosts and so on. This is comprehensive, cloud-based protection that's there should the worst happen.

Acronis Cyber Protect features

The key feature of Acronis Cyber Protect is just how fully it covers you and your data: buying this service allows you to blend multiple backups together in one solution, enabling all the user data and entire systems to be secured off-site for an optimal disaster recovery scenario, and giving you the option of bare-metal restores if needed.

You get another layer of protection against data loss, by not only copying valuable data locally – across systems, servers, virtual platforms, and mobile – but also to the cloud. As far as single machine backups go, you can pick out files and folders, Dropbox-style, or back up the entire machine on an hourly, daily or weekly schedule.

The Cyber Backup service gives you built-in protection against malware, cryptomining and ransomware, AI assistance for spotting potential problems ahead of time, and all the remote management features you would expect. Individual machines are able to report back vulnerabilities and enable automatic patch management, while iOS and Android devices can be secured with mobile apps too.

While we wouldn't wish anything bad on your company and its associated files, it's really when something does go wrong that Acronis Cyber Protect comes into its own – the restore options are about as fully featured as they come, through the restore and disaster recovery portals. You should be able to get your data back in a few clicks.

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Acronis Cyber Protect interface

The Acronis Cyber Protect interface is made up of various web portals, through which you can monitor what you’ve secured, how much space it occupies in the cloud, what schedules your backups are running on, which files, folders and users are included, where your restore options are, and so on.

The online and mobile clients are going to seem cumbersome and overly complex to people used to the likes of Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud, but from a business and IT manager perspective they hit most of the marks that they need to hit. Everything is clean and well laid out at least, even if it's not always obvious how to go about doing something.

Much of your data management will be done through a web browser, even if you're backing up a local Windows or macOS machine rather than something like G Suite. Managing what files and being backed up and when is straightforward enough, though it took us a while to figure out where all the features were located (and the software installation seemed to take an inordinate amount of time too).

The overview of your account, and everything in it, does a good job of delivering all the information and the stats that you're likely to need – where your devices are, where your data storage is, which users are active, how much data you're getting through every month, any security or backup issues that need addressing, and so on.

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Acronis Cyber Protect security

One area where Acronis Cyber Protect undoubtedly scores highly is with the security of its backups – everything is encrypted using the AES-256 encryption standard, even down to the metadata. On the restore side, there's an Acronis Notary feature that authenticates restored data using blockchain technology.

In terms of protection against malware, hacks, and ransomware, the backup tools take a proactive stance, watching out for suspicious patterns and data edits on your behalf. The restore processes are well set up to recover after malware attacks or network security breaches, giving you extra peace of mind that you're not going to suddenly lose everything just because your business is targeted by hackers. 

Acronis Cyber Protect pricing

Pricing starts from $59 or £39 a year, which gets you 1TB of space in the cloud, and coverage of a single Windows or macOS machine, physical or virtual. You'll then have to pay extra for multiple users, and for extra services like G Suite and Microsoft 365 coverage, as well as server backups.

The costs can quickly add up – backing up everything in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts and Google Calendar will set you back $199.99 or £139 per year for five users. You can see how Acronis Cyber Protect is not so much a cloud backup service as a backup for your backups, when you absolutely cannot afford to lose your data.

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Acronis Cyber Protect verdict

Acronis Cyber Protect is not for the faint of heart, but just might be for you if you've got dozens of setups – physical and virtual – and company users spread out across G Suite, Office 365 and various other platforms. It's not the easiest service to set up or indeed to manage, but it rewards the time and effort that you put into it.

While we've seen other backup solutions that are more polished and indeed more capable on the front end, few can match Acronis Cyber Protect for the scale at which it operates, and the different systems and infrastructures that it's able to deal with. It's at the more expensive end of the spectrum, but for bigger businesses it'll be worth the investment.

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