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Web hosting company takes drastic action, bails out Greek customers


Popular website hosting company GoDaddy has started manually renewing expiring subscriptions of its Greek customers free of charge in order to help them keep afloat, sticking to a business-as-usual situation as much as possible.

More than half of companies in Greece are micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees with another third making the rest of the SMBs in the country.

Only subscriptions with auto-renewal will be extended to ensure that Greek customers remain online and continue getting customers through their virtual storefronts.

Key cloud services such as Apple's iCloud and iTunes and PayPal can no longer get payment from individuals and businesses in Greece.

Godaddy is mostly known for its web hosting deals and for the many controversies that surround the company. It also acquired a number of small startups (Canary, Mad Mimi and Elto) to beef up its service offering.