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Power surge delays Super Bowl for 34 minutes

Power Surge
Feel the power

The Super Bowl had to show a few more commercials this year because of a brief power interruption at the Superdome.

For 34 minutes, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans lingered under emergency lighting because of what police are calling a surplus of electricity, which caused a power surge.

The outage only dimmed the stadium, but shut down escalators, elevators, and appliances not run on emergency power.

More to the point, it also caused the game to be put on hold for close to forty minutes, time that CBS filled with analyst commentary and commercials.

Higher power

The Superdome's electric utilities provider, Entergy New Orleans, tweeted shortly after the event that the surge came from the "customer's side," and was not a problem with its supply.

The National Football League (NFL) also issued a statement shortly after stating that "stadium authorities [were] investigating the cause of the power outage."

Police assert that the cause was simply too much electricity going into the stadium, perhaps in connection with Beyonce's half time show.

Though nothing has been confirmed yet, it does not appear that Bane, Ray Lewis, or Obama caused the brief power outage and subsequent delay of game.