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WiMax wireless pushed to handle HD TV

Demonstration WiMax base stations and user terminals were able to handle HD TV.

Mobile WiMax wireless data communications continue to make rapid strides in the race to establish a long-range alternative to Wi-Fi, with the latest breakthrough being a demonstration of wireless high-definition TV broadcasts.

Using a tweaked IEEE802.16e setup, Japan Radio Company (JRC) and Runcom Technologies recently showed HD TV video being transmitted at 30Mbit/s, which was more than enough throughput for the high-quality images.

Strong support for WiMax

The two companies combined their wireless expertise to create a base station and user terminals using WiMax IEEE802.16e-2005 on the 2.5GHz portion of the radio spectrum.

Emphasising the significance being placed on WiMax to challenge other technologies, JRC general manager Fumio Murakami said: "Japan ... is expecting superior performance from the WiMAX networks to compete with the existing broadband wireless networks in the country; The collaboration with a pioneer ... such as Runcom supported JRC in its plan to demonstrate such performance to the leading operators in Japan."

While any large-scale commercial deployment of WiMax specifically for video broadcasts remains uncertain, it's clear that, whatever it is used to transmit, the standard has a bright future.