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FX brings DVD-like extras to TV with True Blood

True Blood - offering up bite-sized extras
True Blood - offering up bite-sized extras

FXUK is trialling a new way to get people to watch the ad-breaks between its shows, by peppering the time with exclusive interviews and content.

The first show to get these special features will be True Blood: Season Two. Much like the extra content found on a Blu-ray or DVD, FXUK has got hold of some behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with director Alan Ball and a smattering of main cast members.

Seamless broadcast

The extra content will only be available in the first three episodes of the season, but it does seem as if FXUK has found a way to keep restless fingers away from the remote control while the adverts are on.

It's not made clear but we are guessing the extra content won't be at set times, so you'll never quite know when an interview will pop up instead of someone selling you car insurance.

"The aim is to offer a seamless broadcast experience for fans of True Blood so that viewing remains intact throughout the whole airing." says Cecilia Parker, General Manager of FXUK.

True Blood: Season 2 begins on FXUK in February. The channel is available on BSkyB, Virgin Media and Talk Talk.