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Europe's Thinnest Flatscreen Now Available

Hitachi's UT32 side-on view

Hitachi has launched its latest ultra-slim LCD flatscreen with an amazing 35mm profile which, as the company reminds us, is "thinner than an average remote control".

The TV weighs in at a mere 10.9kilos and is around a third of the depth of a conventional flatscreen TV.

Head of Brown Goods at Comet, Bill Moir, had the following to tell us about Hitachi's latest range:"'TVs just keep getting thinner and customers have fully embraced the change from the big black boxes of yesteryear - 95 per cent of all the TVs we now sell are flatscreen.

"We expect this new technology to fly off the shelves as people clamour to get their hands on this ground-breaking new bit of kit."

The range hits Comet stores next month, starting at £1,299 from the 32inch model.