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Did one of Mr Robot's hacker advisory team accidentally leak a story clue to Season 2?

Mr Robot Season 2

If you haven't seen Season 1 of Mr Robot yet, where have you been? What started as an underground show about an antisocial hacker has blossomed into one of the internet's most-fanatical-about TV shows, starring Rami Malek as Elliot, the security drone employee by day and justice hacker by night.

This is largely because the team behind the show has managed to nail a realistic portrayal of hackers, with legit code and real hacks being filmed for use - as we found out when the advisory team to the show did a Reddit AMA.

You can read the whole AMA here but whilst answering questions, Kor Adana principal technical advisor to the show, let slip something interesting.

When one Redditor mentioned a pet peeve that the characters never used gloves to work the tech they often left behind in episodes, Adana simply said:

"This is something that we've noticed... stay tuned."

Reddit AMA

Could this be a major hint to the plot of Season 2? Will there be an FBI-based story line to tie in with the recent Apple dispute? Unfortunately, we'll all have to watch it to find out.

Mr. Robot Season 2 will be out in the Summer. Watch the latest teaser trailer below: