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500GB Humax PVR 9300T Freeview+ unveiled

9300T - bigger
9300T - bigger

Humax is offering a 'super-sized' its Freeview+ PVR-9300T, with a 500GB hard drive available at John Lewis stores and online.

The Freeview tuner plus digital video recorder has proven to be popular for Humax, leading to a version with greater storage.

As you would expect, the John Lewis and Humax website exclusive still offers access and recording of 48 Freeview channels, an EPG and series link, with the dual tuner meaning you can record up to two channels at once.

Inspect at Lewis

The Humax 500GB PVR-9300T can be purchased from John Lewis stores and online across the UK, priced at around £249.

The box is DVB-T compliant, has an HDMI out and can upscale pictures.