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Orange prepping £200 tablet for UK release before Christmas?

Orange may be taking tablets soon
Orange may be taking tablets soon

Orange seems to be the latest company to jump on the iPad-shaped bandwagon, with a new report claiming that it is working on its own tablet computer.

Les Echos, a French newspaper, is claiming that an Android tablet is being manufactured by a "large Asian manufacturer" which will end up being one of the cheapest on the market.

The tablet is said to be priced at around 250 Euros – a smidge over £200.

3G ready

The tablet would come with Orange branding and would be 3G enabled, which would mean that Orange would be able to offer subscriptions for the data package.

As the article states, this wouldn't actually be the first time that Orange has tried its hand at tablet computing.

Back in 2009, Orange released the Tabbeee, a tablet which housed a seven-inch touchscreen and was branded as a 'tablet organiser'.

It only actually made it to the French market, so fingers crossed that its latest attempt at making a tablet makes it across the pond.

Via Cnet UK