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Crystal encrusted MP3 player from iriver

Jewel or gadget, iriver's Disney MP3 player is an odd combination.

If you happen to be in Japan and stuck for a Christmas gift for one of those difficult people who already have everything, then the latest special-edition MP3 player from iriver has to be worth a look - if you can stand the glare of its bling, that is.

The ¥16,800 (£74) Disney Mplayer Swarovski combines not only a casing in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head, but also 170 gloriously tacky fake crystals from the Swiss jeweller.

Wearable bauble

A choice of five different body colours and matching glass beads does little to detract from the facts that there's only 1GB of non-expandable memory onboard and just two audio formats (MP3 and WMA) are supported. Still, at a light 18g, iriver's idea of wearing the Mplayer like a pendant makes some sense.

As for the controls, the only obvious switch is a small power button, but a closer look reveals that Mickey's ears hold the secret - twist the right lug for skipping forward or backward and the left to adjust the volume.

Given that there are only 500 units of the festive model available, the chances of anyone outside Japan's legion of rabid Disney worshippers snapping one up are about as slim as its appeal to most normal folk.