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Aaaand the Moto 360 is sold out online

Moto 360
Time to wait

The Moto 360 went on sale in the US earlier today, and already it's sold out online.

Motorola announced on Twitter its Android Wear watch is sold out on A check of the Moto website reveals the circular smartwatch is out of stock, though users can sign up to be notified when it's back in business.

There's no word on how many Moto 360s Motorola prepared for the initial supply. If its virtual shelves stay dry, US customers will be able to find it at Best Buy starting September 14, according to Re/code. The Google Play Store says it's "out of inventory" for both colors of the smartwatch.

The watch, retailing for $249.99 in the States, was a hot commodity before it ever had a price or release date attached to it. In fact, it was arguably the most in demand Android Wear watch even while its competitors were preening for attention.

UK residents are still sitting on their hands, waiting for the gadget to go on sale starting at £199 in early October.

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