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Iwantoneofthose opens Second Life shop

Gadget web shop (Iwoot) has opened a branch in virtual world Second Life . The virtual store sells real-life goods to customers, who can pay for goods through Second Life currency Linden Dollars or PayPal.

The virtual store is located on the Iwoot island, which also has a beach, lighthouse and maze where you can go on a treasure hunt.

"We are not expecting to sell millions and millions of gadgets online through Second Life," said Tim Booth, Iwoot founder and creative director. He added that Second Life provides a safe way to test how to move the Iwoot business from its 2D website into 3D worlds.

The 65,536 square metres of virtual space cost iWoot £800 to purchase and a "few thousand pounds" to develop with Second Life content creators Riel Life Productions, Booth said.