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Builder buys six millionth domain

This Klassik Builders site bears the six millionth domain to be sold by Nominet

UK domain registrar Nominet has now sold over six million domain names. The milestone was reached when a domain name was sold to Tony Hunt, a builder from Merseyside, according to Nominet.

The wonderfully spelt and, er, retro-designed was registered by the tradesman, who is quoted as saying: "I found that not having a website was restricting the growth of my business. These days people go straight to the internet to find information - even if they are just looking for a local builder."

Nominet says the continued increase in registrations indicates that British internet users think that having a address is better than a .com. It cites the case of a recent 2,324 user-strong YouGov survey that demonstrated domain purchasers were six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than .com address when looking for information via an internet search engine.

The registrar is also pushing the case for as the domains are cheaper to register than their .com 'rivals.'