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Swine flu spam mails stirring up confusion

Spammers even manage to take advantage of global health fears

As if dealing with the panic surrounding H1N1 swine flu weren't enough, we now apparently need to avoid spam emails purporting to be about the latest pandemic.

Security specialist Trend Micro says it has detected several malicious emails with subject lines including "Swine flu epidemic" and "Swine flu affects entire world".

Viagra for sale

Instead of news about the outbreak, however, the mails redirect anyone opening them to websites selling Viagra and other irrelevant medications.

Trend Micro director Juan Pablo Castro said: "Swine virus has become a computer virus that takes advantage of fear [and] confusion ... to spread mischievous codes, junk e-mails and infect computer equipment."

Don't open it

As ever when it comes to email, simply applying the common sense of not opening mail you don't recognise is the best protection.