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Queen set to relaunch Monarchy website

The Queen
The Queen

Getting a celebrity in to re-launch your website is a little easier when you are the Queen – with no less than World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee turning up for the website.

The Queen's official site contains information about the British royal family, as well as a whole host of audio and video footage.

Not only can you watch the Queen's coronation from 1953, but you can also browse through documents that have been scanned in.

Please don't go

These include a letter from King George VI to Winston Churchill four days before D-Day, urging the PM not to participate personally in the landings.

The re-launch will see Sir Berners-Lee give a speech from Buckingham Palace to mark the occasion.

Her Majesty is no stranger to technology, with a Royal Family YouTube channel up and running, and a visit to Google's offices last year seeing the Queen's famous profile features in the Google Doodle on the main search engine.

The website's address is

Via PA